One of the difficulties of playing golf in northern Europeis the weather. In Barcelona the climate is excellent 90% of the time,  and allows you to play golf throughout the year.

Our golf program is led by coaches who have played on the international circuit, trained with pros, and coached top golfers. Thanks to their experience, they know how to make the most out of each player.

At our academy we will prepare golfers using our philosophy, training them to the utmost of their abilities, and making them feel like a pro. Our mission is to ensure that, after the program, golfers have become superior players.

Training sessions are divided into two 2-hour sessions, morning and afternoon. During the first week of training, the coaches will analyse every player and design a specific plan for each one.

Daily Schedule:

2-hour morning training session

2 hours afternoon training session

Physical, psychological, and tactical aspects will be worked on in order to achieve the goals established.

Objectives is to:

Be a competitive player on the course.

Learn about the competitive aspects of golf .

Learn the habits of an athlete.

Think and live like an athlete.

Reach the last year of high school with the possibility of applying for a scholarship at an American university.