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BAAC offers a wealth of sport and educational programs


BAAC has a variety of sport and educational programs on offer, such as:

Customized top level tennis training combined with international education.

Two weeks of football combined with Spanish classes.

In addition, we can adapt to any special requests thanks to the flexibility of our facilities.

Our goal is to provide our students with an unforgettable sporting experience while they also enjoy everything Barcelona and its surroundings have to offer,regardless of whether they are with us for a week or a full year.

· As well as our sport and education programs, BAAC also

· Organizes pre-season training

· Improves athletic skills

· Provides customized planning

· Arranges facilities




The aim of this program is that the athlete:

1. Improves technically in the sport they practice and mantains the rhythm of competition.

2. Is prepared mentally and physically to achieve the objectives established at the beginning of the program.

Barcelona Experience


Objective is to

Improve ability in their chosen language.

Experience what Barcelona has to offer young people.

Enhance communication an cultural diversity.

Provide a stimulating and fun environment to learn.

Promote sharing, friendship and cooperation.

Language and Sports



The aim of this program is to practice sport during the summer and enjoy the area of Barcelona and its surroundings.


Qualified and experienced coaches in all sports.

Language teachers.

Room and Board.

24h of assistance.

Summer Camp


Ages: from 5 to 9 years

A programme rich in sports, music and language skills (English, Spanish or Chinese) in a creative and fun environment.



Ages: from 9 to 16 years

Mornings specialising in sports and afternoons learning languages (English / Spanish / Chinese).


Ages: from 9 to 16 years

Bored with normal summer camps?

Want something more adventurous but at a good price? Then this camp is for you.





In the past few years, Spain’s National Swimming team has become very competitive, and we want to take advantage of their methods to offer a professional swimming program.

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One of the problems of playing tennis in northern Europeis the weather. In Barcelona the climate is excellent 90% of the time, and ideal for playing tennis throughout the year.

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Playing any outdoor sport such as golf in northern Europe can be interrupted or cancelled due to bad weather. In Barcelona that problem is eliminated, as the climate is excellent 90% of the time. This allows golfers to enjoy their game throughout the year.

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Soccer player


Football is the king of sports in Spain, and in much of the world. We are lucky to have an excellent national team, which means that we have some of the best football schools on the planet. We want to take advantage of that and share our football knowledge with the rest of the world.

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Barcelona Athletes Academy

Barcelona Athletes Academy organises and manages all type of events related to sports and education. We are a young company but have a team with international experience. The company is founded on more than ten years of experience in high-level competitive athletics and over 20 years of offering international education. Our philosophy has always been to play sport every day while, thanks to our teachers, continuing our academic education.

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Village skyline at Sitges, Spain

Placed in Sitges, Barcelona

The area that we have chosen to maximise the performance of our athletes is Sitges

Sitges is a small coastal town where we can play sports 360 days a year thanks to its excellent climate. Sitges is in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, and only 15 minutes from the city’s international El Prat Airport. The setting is superb both for playing sport and enjoying a quality education.

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Our Boarding School mission is to develop an optimum environment for students’ development, and provide them with a sense of community and a place where they can learn respect for others.

The residence is a Modernista country mansion built in 1913 in the natural park of Garraf. The residence has been fully renovated and is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves in a quiet environment.

The estate forms part of the Garraf community and we celebrate local events. Additional activities designed for the boarders help them develop strong relationships with both day students and teachers, and to achieve their potential.

Our students like structure for their time. They enjoy living close to their friends. They appreciate the facilities on offer and the fact that there is always plenty to do. Most of all, they love being part of a community that cares for them and puts their interests first.

ISB has a truly international feel, with students from a wide range of countries among the boarding community. Current and recent students hail from Russia, China, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Italy and Spain.


The residence is situated in a different location in the heart of the Garraf area near the picturesque coastal town of Sitges*, just 25 minutes from Barcelona. The town is interesting and easily accessible with a great beach and a variety of shops, restaurants and cinemas. It has all the advantages of a city but without the inconveniences of urban life.


ISB International School of Barcelona is located in a quiet residential zone overlooking the town with easy access and plenty of free parking.

The campus has playing fields, a sports centre and swimming pool. All of these can be used after school hours and during the weekends.

The residence was built in 1913 and is a wonderful example of Modernisme architecture. It is 5 minutes from Sitges and nestles in 10 hectares of vines, olive trees and flower gardens. It borders Garraf Natural Park and is a perfect spot to enjoy a healthy environment.

There is a selection of 12 rooms with en suite facilities.


Each and every one of our activities is designed to develop in our boarders their personal capabilities and allow these innate talents to grow. This helps them to integrate into the multicultural world in which we live.